Re-imagine Content Management with eyeofG Portal

We built a product that will help you build your own software and solutions for your enterprise. A single portal, available in all devices and flexibly designed for
Lets look at what can be done with it!


Business process management

eyeofG Portal will enable you to build business processes. This can help you achieve to automate repetitive tasks, manage fundamental processing, and handle process logics at an enterprise-level.

On top, you will optimize and accelerate processes, increasing efficiency. By ensuring that work is handled in a consistent manner and that tasks are delivered to the right users at the right time, business process automation enables teams to focus on higher value work and exception cases management.


Forms Management

Forms management is the process for managing, distributing, completing, and processing forms. Web-based forms are becoming the standard for capturing information from customers, vendors, employees, business partners and most importantly for internal processes.

eyeofG Portal can help you build your forms tailored for you. These forms will help you get better data, faster turnaround, and lower costs. 

You will be able to control your own information too.


Web application development

eyeofG Portal is a content management system and as its widely known, CMS products also help you build websites, intranets and many other webapplication that your organization can use. It can be within outer network or within an internal network and you will be able to collaborate with your clients or own teams.

eyeofG Portal is embedding analytics, easy to use interface for page management and SEO elements built in for higher rankings in search engines.


Integrations with different softwares and databases

Having many different nice applications and software sounds good but it brings many complexity and slowing down your speed of action. There are also scenarios where you would like to move to a new application and you cannot move your old data to the new one. These are all big obstacles and problems during the way. This is why software integrations are extremely critical to have seamless communication between applications. They’re the key to better communication, greater efficiency, cost savings, and a seamless customer experience.

eyeofG Portal with its infrastructure is open for integrations further development.

Case Studies